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There are no additional requirements for WinTrillions affiliates. Every new player to purchase any ticket will earn you $30 CPA.

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WinTrillions Bonus

Players get eye-catching daily deals on some of the hottest, and most winnable, lotteries in town, including the New York Lotto and Mega Sena, the Brazilian lottery. They can also give their friends and fellow players gift vouchers granting them entry to the lotteries, and potentially creating yet more millionaires!

About WinTrillions

There’s nothing else in the world like the lottery, is there? You’re just a few numbers away from changing your whole life. Lotteries divide people, but you have to admit, even the heart of a sceptic beats a little faster when there are multi-million jackpots on the line.

The good news for you is that you’re already in the business where people like to try their luck on winnable goals, so you probably won’t find it very hard to get people to sign up. Every time you do, there will be a $30 CPA payment coming your way.

There are over 50 different lotteries, syndicates and Millionaire Raffles for your players to try out at WinTrillions.

• Lotteries

Lotteries are not all the same. For example, USA’s Powerball and MegaMillions jackpots start at $40 million and $15 million with occasional jackpots exceeding half a billion dollars. They have multiplier options (tickets cost extra but your prize, except the jackpot are multiplied depending on the day’s multiplier number). Players can receive the jackpots in annual payments or in a lump-sum.

EuroMillions is a completely different lottery. The winnings are not taxable, players receive their winnings in a lump sum but there is a cap on the jackpot.

Of course, all lotteries differ in the prize tiers they offer, the numbers you have to match, and the odds of winning. With WinTrillions, everyone has the freedom to choose the one they like.

• Syndicates

A syndicate in simple terms is a lottery pool. You play not a single ticket but a pool of tickets in several different lotteries. For example, Power Combo Syndicate lets you play three lotteries per week (7 drawings overall) – Powerball, MegaMillions and SuperEnaLotto. Combined prizepools can go up to almost a billion euros per week.

• Millionaire Raffles

Millionaire Raffles do not make one or two of their players multi-millionaires. Instead, dozens of players that participate in the raffle win €/$1 million each.


It goes without saying that playing the lottery at WinTrillions online is 100% safe. They buy the player’s ticket, print his or her name on it and send a copy to their email address. Another important point that needs to be made is that dealing with customers from 118 countries showed WinTrillions the importance of offering a variety of payment options. So, they made sure that theirs is one of the widest online that includes even rare e–wallets.

Note: a ticket purchase should be made at least 24 hours prior to the draw.

VIP Loyalty program

To make playing the lottery online more fun, WinTrillions also offers a ton of promotions to get more value for the same amount of money. For every lottery order, syndicate or Millionaire Raffle your players play with WinTrillions, they earn VIP Loyalty Points. The more VIP Loyalty Points, the more they get back!


If any of your players have questions, they can contact WinTrillions’ brilliant support team either via email address [email protected], phone or live support. The company offers support of some description 24/7.

Why WinTrillions

WinTrillions has been around since 2005 and through that time have catered over 5 million customers in 118 countries. They are the among the largest lottery sites in the business for a reason.

And look, you don’t even need to search for a specific type of player like with casino, sports betting or poker players. Everyone loves the lottery! And everyone that plays at least once will earn you an instant $30 CPA. In our books, that’s a pretty valuable deal.


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