What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a type of a performance-based marketing where you, the publisher, have virtually limitless possibilities to earn where and when you desire, by hosting advertising and earning for every customer you bring the advertiser.

Affiliate Marketing is the business relationship that binds a potential advertiser with a potential publisher. Affiliate marketing makes it easy to sell and promote a portfolio of products to the world by utilizing affiliate marketers to spread the word over, literally, thousands of websites, blogs, and social media feeds. Affiliate marketing also allows the publisher the option to choose what they want to promote.

The reason why Affiliate Marketing is so successful is very simple - it works. When publishers promote advertisers in a committed and efffective way, the profits can be significant for everyone concerned.

Affiliate marketing is a relationship between four parties:


A publisher is the key to bringing an advertiser's products to a wider audience. In an ideal situation, a publisher will promote products in an area on which he or she is knowledgeable and willing to commit time and effort. While Online Affiliate World's previous focus was geared more to online gaming markets (those are still available), the opportunity for affiliates to branch out into other areas is now available and more products will arrive as we move forward.

Online Affiliate World

As a leading affiliate network in online gaming, we are taking our knowledge and expertise into other affiliate markets and will continue to offer you the highest commissions possible in forms of CPA and Gross Revenue. During our 10-plus years in affiliate marketing we have used each learning curve as a step to building our relationship with you. We offer new and established affiliate marketers our expertise, tools, and resources to help you grow your business. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Our Advertisers

Advertisers offer a number of promotions to attract new users. This is the area of affiliate marketing that requires research and study on the publisher's part (and, as stated previously, if you are interested in that product, you have an advantage). Although many advertisers may ostensibly look similar, you need to delve into any promotions or rewards offered, why your client would be interested in signing up with the merchant through you, and educate yourself on the client profile it will take to turn this venture into a moneymaker.

The Client / User

Your client is your most valuable asset. In order to gain clients - and keep them - you need to build a strong relationship with them. Make sure you use appropriate online channels them engaged and help them find the products they are looking for and the best deals. When you design your affiliate marketing business, do it with your client in mind and invest the time to keep the door open to their concerns and needs.

How to build your affiliate business one day at a time

I am a beginner. Where do I start?

The road ahead can be as easy as you want it to be, it takes work and dedication to promote your affiliate business but that doesn't mean it's all work and no play. The best way to start is by answering the most important questions:

  • Why will my clients choose me?
  • How will affiliate marketing work for me?
  • What niche of affiliate marketing is best suited for me?

What products will I offer? Once you have a starting point, it's time to start exploring the beginning of your new business.

Why will my clients choose me?

Once you sign up for your first affiliate deal, the next step is promoting the product to your clients. How will you promote it and get the attention of prospective clients?

Start by forming your own community – head for social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, etc. – and promote your new product on your blog, website, or in a forum. The idea here is simple - the more known you are, the more trustworthy you become. And this is actually the fun part of affiliate marketing - there are endless possibilities that allow you to choose not only what you want to promote but how you do it as well.

Send your message out in articles, how-tos, emails, surveys, Youtube videos, and any other means that will help grow the interaction with your clients. Get people talking and following your updates.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Next Step: Before we move forward, there are a few concepts every affiliate should understand. If you already know them, feel free to skip to the next step. If you are not sure what terms like CPA or Revenue Share, conversion, cookie, etc., mean, keep reading.

  • Conversion - An example would be you are promoting a product of an affiliate you've signed a contract with and you have links on your personal blog to the product. Your readers may visit the advertiser's website and read the information provided but unless your reader actually purchases a product, there is no sale. In order to trigger an affiliate payment, your reader must finalize a sale.
  • CPA/Revenue Share. While this is similar to conversion, the details of the deal may vary which could require a specific requirement to trigger a payment. This specific requirement could be an action (CPA, Cost-per-acquisition) or a sign up (revenue share deal). A CPA focuses on one action your client must do for you to get paid a fixed amount. Revenue share is more of a long-term strategy, possibly with the same client. For example, a revenue share at Online Affiliate World could pay you depending on how much your player plays or uses a particular service that charges a fee for each action.
  • Tracking. Once you have chosen a product to advertise on your site, you are an affiliate. How do you know how many of your visitors purchased the product you promote? How does Online Affiliate World keep track of that information? That’s what tracking is – when a client signs up through your bonus code or your link, that client has a cookie automatically placed on their computer that tracks their activity (visits and purchases) at that advertiser.
  • We have an FAQ section that includes more useful terms and explanations on how affiliate marketing works. If you cannot find an answer or do not completely understand what we are offering, please send us an email – or ask on our social networks. Our experienced team works closely with all of the merchants listed on Online Affiliate World and we will do our best to answer quickly and comprehensively.

Niche and Product

Now that you have a basic starting point on setting up your own affiliate marketing business, looking for a product or niche where you can sell physical objects as well as virtual ones could be a good start. Keep future expansions on your list as you discover more products you want to promote along with the possibility of adding or switching to a similar sub-niche and plan on taking your clients with you.

Online gambling is a niche of its own. You are not selling a tangible item that a client buys once. You are selling a service to a select group of players – of those, online poker players and sports bettors are starting a little business of their own. They understand there is a lot of skill involved and they have to work (invest time and money) to succeed. There are many aspects to online gaming and promoting all the arms require a separate approach, for example, a casino affiliate will require a completely different approach than an online poker room or a sports betting site.

Affiliate Marketing with Online Affiliate World

The team behind Online Affiliate World has over 10 years of experience in the affiliate marketing field. We are not slowing down. We are launching a new design, rebranding to Online Affiliate World, offering an easy-to-use interface on your dashboard, bringing new affiliate deals to our publishers, and developing more earning potential for you. We have a lot of plans and you are a key player in making it all happen.

We have helped over ten thousand affiliates start their work-at-home business over the years. We are here to help you be the best that you can be and that’s why for the first few months we pay special attention to the inquiries we get from our new members. Any time you have a question or a suggestion, please email us.

In short, at Online Affiliate World you can start earning from home with no investment needed. Once you start, you can generate income every day. Make no mistake, this will require work and commitment on your part but you could build your business to the point that you could still gain income without very little time investment. This would be accomplished by earning from your long-term revenue share clients and other affiliates that have signed up at Online Affiliate World through you.

Why Choose Online Affiliate World?


As an affiliate you are bound to be dealing with cash transactions frequently. Our system allows affiliates to receive an all-in-one monthly payment for all the deals. Transparent reports help you see where you gain most and where are you falling short and react accordingly.

Attention to detail

We regularly collect information from our advertisers on traffic, promotions, etc. After we crunch the data, we compile comprehensible reports with detailed statistical analysis that allows affiliates to target their audience and promote their offerings to future clients.

The Best Affiliate Deals

The affiliate deals we offer are handpicked by our experienced staff and then carefully negotiated with representatives of the various advertisers we choose to offer you. This allows us to build a very lucrative marketing experience for our affiliates.

It is all about YOU

Time has shown that the most important thing in affiliate marketing is the relationship with our affiliates. At Online Affiliate World we know that it is all about you. In order to help us help you, please contact us with any questions or suggestions.

We cannot generate profits for you or guarantee that your business will grow – all of that is in your hands – but all of our existing publishers will agree that we always provide guidance to those that want to become successful in affiliate programs. While it is true that you may set up your affiliate marketing business and spend only a few hours a week and rake in the rewards, your being here shows that you are seriously interested in affiliate marketing - and that you're willing to put the effort in to make it work for you. Let Online Affiliate World be your guide in this journey.