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Revenue share: 25%
Rating: 5.0/5 star
Promote high-quality TradingHD courses, help your customers grow as traders and investors and earn 25% on every course sold.
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TradingHD Affiliate program

Revenue share: 25% Rating: 5.0/5 star


Sign up for TradingHD's affiliate program and earn 25% on every course your customers purchase. No additional affiliation requirements apply.

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About TradingHD

TradingHD is an educational site for traders and investors. It was launched in April, 2015 by iBus Media Group in cooperation with one of the greatest minds in hedge funds today, Lex van Dam.

This new training portal focuses on offering traders a real opportunity to learn from the industry‘s best. It‘s a new platform but one that is growing rapidly.

Why TradingHD?

Let’s face it - the Internet is full of low-quality advice about how to make money through trading and investing. That‘s where TradingHD stands out. TradingHD has real experts trusted by Forbes, Bloomberg, Financial Times and many other big-name companies, all on hand to offer you high quality courses at a wide-range of prices suitable for both beginners and experts alike.

TradingHD is your opportunity to offer quality trading education to your customers and earn 25% revenue share for every purchased course, while your user gets to take in a free course on signup.