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How to Stay Secure With a VPN from NordVPN

March 29 2017 29 Mar 2017 7 min. read
Why You Should be Staying Secure With a VPN from NordVPN

There are many reasons why you - and your users, followers or players - should step up your IT security. Though security is often seen as a topic that someone else should deal with, not you, it's become clear in recent years that no-one is safe unless they take steps to protect themselves online. That's why Online Affiliate World has teamed up with NordVPN, the best VPN (Virtual Private Network) package on the market, to bring a bulletproof online security package to you.

How NordVPN Works, and How You Can Promote It


NordVPN is the best VPN in the world, because it offers you guaranteed security in all situations, and at a very affordable price - and this is something you can pass onto your users with our exclusive [B][I]Online Affiliate World[/I] 35% revenue share NordVPN affiliate program[/B].

NordVPN offers the usual things you would expect from a VPN - complete safety over often-insecure Wi-Fi connections, and no fear of anyone sticking their nose into what you're doing. However, it also offers a few things that are new and, in some cases, revolutionary.

Double data encryption means that, even in the highly unlikely event of a hacker finding the key to unlock your encrypted web traffic, they'd have to get through a second layer of encryption - something that is almost impossible.

Superfast servers mean that you don't get the old VPN problem of connecting to a bog-slow server in, say, London, then finding you can't get any work done because all the traffic is like watching a snail race. 662 servers in 57 countries are located all over the world, to bring the best possible online experience.

An Automatic Kill Switch means that if changes in the network mean that a VPN drops out, you can specify beforehand that a site should also be dropped. This means that no information leaks out if you don't want it to.

Reasonably-Priced Security

NordVPN pricing plan

Three different pricing plans for users put NordVPN within the financial range of virtually anyone, with month-to-month, six-month and one-year plans at different prices and for both regular and occasional users. There's something for everyone who wants to stay safe and secure online - and that's why NordVPN is such an outstanding deal to promote.

Why Use a VPN

Here's why you, and your followers, need VPN to stay safe.

No Need to be a Statistic
You know how every site you visit, pretty much, these days asks you if you mind it using cookies? These cookies might have an appetizing and cuddly name, but they actually allow websites to store and use personal data about you and your browsing preferences. If you think it's really just to "optimize your experience," you're quite naive.

Facebook and Google, in particular, have been leveraging their huge amounts of data. In a completely legal way, sites are sucking up all kinds of facts about you. It's why, if you write an email about asthma inhalers, you might see an ad for an asthma charity a few days later. It's also why if you happened to stand in the same room as someone for a bit, they will likely appear in your Facebook "People You May Know" slider.

Clear your cookies and use a VPN, and you're safe from the torture of becoming a statistic.

Avoid Surveillance
Government is getting tighter with how it watches us all, or can watch us all. The UK government's Investigatory Powers Act 2016, otherwise known as the Snooper's Charter, allows the government to demand ISPs release a record of all websites visited for up to a year for up to a year. Intelligence services can also get into your computer and mobile devices if they want.

Pretty scary, huh? Some people will tell you "if you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear," but in a democracy, we believe that's incorrect - we should all be permitted our privacy online, because these regulations open the door to a totaliltarian regime that could use these laws to its own ends.

If you use a VPN, it masks your IP address, meaning that your internet usage cannot be traced back to your own computer, provided you take all relevant precautions. This means you can avoid being snooped-on.

Legitimate & Legal
VPNs have lots of very understandable legal uses. These include allowing users to use peer-to-peer programs (P2P) without being restricted in their traffic by ISPs. Some ISPs are throttling back traffic, and holding back internet speeds for users who they suspect of using P2P programs - and that even applies to Skype and some other VoIP providers

Recently, the government of the United Arab Emirates was forced to back down on a proposed law banning VPNs, when lobbyists made a very convincing case that hiding IP addresses can be very important for personal data security. Planes, trains and public hotspots of all kinds can be breeding grounds for hackers and data thieves.

Eventually the UAE realized that by banning VPN, they would be creating a major security issue for many of the country's residents. This is not to mention a major worldwide pastime, online shopping. Now that webcams can be hacked and keystrokes recorded, VPN is the only true way to stay safe.

Why Everyone Needs VPN
It's easy to set up, it's legal, and it keeps you and your users completely safe. Isn't it about time you stepped up your security game, and encouraged others to do the same? For more information, take a look at our NordVPN review.

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