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Affiliate Programs for Bloggers: an Introduction

January 11 2016 11 Jan 2016 6 min. read
Affiliate Programs for Bloggers: an Introduction

If you're a blogger, you already have a specific topic, or set of topics, on which you love writing. That's fine, but what about if you want to turn your interest into something a bit more professional, you ought to look at ways to make money from your blogging. One way is by taking on affiliate programs. We look at why to do this, but also how to go about it, and what kind of affiliate program would be a great fit for you and your content.

Should You Consider Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog?

This depends entirely on whether or not you enjoy blogging enough to post consistently, and whether or not you have the time, and patience, to continue on your topics, building up reader interest as you go. Affiliate programs are not an easy way to make quick money - they can be rewarding, but they need a lot of stamina on your part. The same goes for all affiliate programs for bloggers in 2016 or after.

Even very experienced bloggers have noted that their first weekly statistics often showed a big fat zero revenue. But they weren't discouraged, because they knew that they were at the start of a very exciting journey, which, for some, has led to major revenue gains. The thing that all successful affiliate bloggers have in common is that they all understand the need to make marketing a part of, but not the ONLY part of, their blogging.

Make sure you're telling a story with useful information on your blog. Be clear and concise when you write. Tell your users what you think they need to know. Be informative and interesting. But, if your users trust you, and you really believe in the product, there's no harm in mentioning it, and promoting it. Do so in an authentic voice, and do so often (but not too often), and you can be a successful affiliate marketer.

How Does Affiliate Marketing on a Blog Work?

You, like us, are probably sick of being told "content is king," but it's true, most of the time. Of course poorly-presented content helps no-one, but if you have your work in an impressive design, and people keep coming back because they want to know what you will say, that means you've got an audience.

Don't exploit that audience. Be very clear: you're selling the product because you would buy it yourself. You've tried all kinds of other solutions to the problem you're trying to solve, but this is the one that strikes a chord for you. Maybe you're a sports website publisher, who has tried to find the best betting odds on a variety of games, without success - until you stumble upon a great new sports betting website, that also offers you a fun user experience.

If you enjoy the product, of course you're in a better position to "sell" it to the user. This is true whether you're selling links to the latest online casino slots games, or car tyres. In each case, you'll need to convince the users they need that thing in their life.

To do that, you'll need to market the affiliate programs on your site often, and in new and innovative ways. If you're a good blogger, you already know how to get your audience to hang on your every word. That's how you get the clicks on your affiliate links. However, it's usually not enouogh for one of your users to just click on the link - normally they'll have to sign up for the advertiser's program, and maybe deposit some money. This takes gentle persuasion on your part.

What are the Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers?

Here on Online Affiliate World, we bring you some of the best affiliate programs for bloggers in 2016. We have over a decade of experience in the online gaming industry that we leverage to bring you great deals from the leading operators in all varieties of web-based entertainment.

Whether you're the publisher of a poker or card-playing blog, a sports blog, a casino gaming blog, or a financial markets blog, you'll find something that will connect with your users. That's why what we do at Online Affiliate World is different to our competitors. We don't just send you the links and the tracking codes, we stay with you throughout the duration of your affiliate program, supporting your needs and working to make sure your users are satisfied with what they get.

If you want more information on the best affiliate deals anywhere online, you need to check our offers section, where you can find great ways to link in some fine advertisers with your good work on your blog, without ever compromising the integrity of your relationship with your users. And if you want to know more about which is the best affiliate program for your specific blog, this article is for you.

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