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5 Ways to Double Your Conversion Rate Now

June 23 2016 23 Jun 2016 6 min. read
5 Ways to Double Your Conversion Rate Now

It's clear that you're not in the affiliate marketing game to mess around, and so you want to know tips and tricks that will get you new sign-ups to your affiliate programs, and you want them now. Let's look at some industry-tested techniques that have been found to massively improve the rate of users who click on and use affiliate programs.

Clear and Precise Message

This might sound obvious, but there are lots of people who forget what it is they're writing about, and who their target audience is. Keep the message strong and clear at all times. If you're writing about online casinos, keep the content focused on that. The only time you want to deviate is to show a point or an example that you think will help your users.

Although we're often told that longer articles will help your search engine optimization (SEO), the truth is that Google and other search engines look far more closely these days at quality writing, so you ought to spend a little more time, writing less - that way you're sure to make an impact.

Keep Your Reading Level Understandable

When trying to appeal to the widest possible audience, it helps to keep sentences short, and words short too, where possible. This means a larger audience is likely to keep on reading, and it means that you'll hold the attention of more people. Those who tend to drift away when a reference goes over their head often do so because the writing also feels long-winded.

Whatever you think of Donald Trump - and there are many people who like or dislike him - he's someone who knows about using shorter words and sentences, as this video shows.

There's a fine line between writing for an audience and patronizing that audience. Don't cross it. Just because you keep your words simple, you don't need to aim your writing at pre-schoolers. Keep your sentences short and punchy, and make sure every word has a meaning for selling your products, and you're on the way to doubling your conversion rate.

Not Sure How to Write a Headline? Try a Question

If you start a proposition with a question, you're inviting the audience to agree with you before you start. This is a really useful thing to do when you're trying to get growth, provided you've identified some area where your audience has a problem you can solve. One example might be, "tired of boring old casino games? Try this new release!" In this headline, you're suggesting a rhetorical question that your audience can't really disagree with, and then a potential solution to the problem.

Make sure that the content in your article answers the question you're asking. So if it's something like "unsure how to make your first trade?" make sure that the following paragraphs carefully address how your users can do so, with plenty of calls to action for your affiliate programs. And that brings us on nicely to our next point...

Precise Calls to Action

Don't make your affiliate marketing a blatant sales pitch, but you should still make sure that you're not just sheepishly plonking an ad below your unrelated content. Make everything you write about relate in some way to the program you promote. This way, you convince users why they need to click on the link as much as you want them to click it.

This is easy to do in a post, because all you have to do is explain what the program does well, and how it can help your user in some way, whether it's providing entertainment, fun, or a way of making money.

Place links throughout the article, and embed some boxes or ads that will allow the user to click through to the program after you've built up the excitement. This is guaranteed, if done right, to result in the audience who have taken the time clicking your article's link, to then click the affiliate link. If they don't do that, because your calls to action aren't clear or visible enough, it's almost a waste of time you posting the content - so make it worth it, for you and for them.

Give People the Chance to Try Before they Buy

On some affiliate programs, users have to make an opening deposit before they really feel the benefits. However there are other programs where you can convince users of the need to click on your links, by giving them a chance to try certain games and products for free. Online casinos often offer games for free. This obviously means users can't win the money they could if they signed up and made a deposit - but it does mean they can take a look at the game, and see how great it is to play.

It's worth giving users a chance to try out games in this way, and it builds up trust between you and your audience.

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