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Customer Service

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Looking after your users is essential if you want to be successful – people only return if they are happy with the service they are getting, whatever the website! Here's how you can achieve top-quality customer service every time.

How to Keep Your Customers Happy

6 min. read

How do you make sure that your userbase, gained through hard work in affiliate marketing, sticks with you? Here's how to take care of your customers.

Get Started with Email Marketing and Build a Mailing List

7 min. read

If you want to find an effective marketing strategy for your website, you should really consider email. Here's why email marketing is a great way to ensure continued user engagement.

5 Secrets of Every Successful Newsletter

7 min. read

As content creators, you're looking for a way to engage your public, and then keep them engaged. Email newsletters are among the best and most effective ways of communicating with people.

You Need to Know Why This Publisher is an Unbelievable Success

6 min. read

We go in-depth to find out why one of our most successful publishers on Online Affiliate World has been able to do so well, and how you can follow.

How The Best Affiliates Promote Their Programs

6 min. read

Let's take a look at how the audiences vary for different kinds of affiliate marketing, and how you can better focus your content on the needs of a particular audience.

Affiliate Marketing With Integrity, or How Not to Sell Out

5 min. read

Some people worry that affiliate marketing will compromise their blog's integrity, but if done right, it shouldn't. Here's how you can make money from affiliate programs while still keeping the loyalty and respect of your loyal band of followers.

How to Promote Sports Betting Affiliate Programs with Confidence

5 min. read

If you don't feel completely confident promoting sports affiliate programs, this guide to the industry will teach you how to earn with them.

Pokemon Go: What Can Marketers Learn?

5 min. read

Whether or not you play Pokemon Go, there are several things that we can learn from its runaway success and apply to the promotion of affiliate programs.

Here's What 2015's Pop Music Teaches Us About Marketing

7 min. read

If you're looking for inspiration for how to market your website, you can find it from the most successful pop songs of 2015. Allow us to explain how.

Are Binary Options Worth the Effort?

5 min. read

Binary options trading is among the toughest affiliate marketing niches to get into. However, it offers the biggest rewards for every trader you sign. So, is it worth it? Take a look and see for yourself.

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