Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing from Trackers to Conversions

February 22 2017 22 Feb 2017 6 min. read
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of a performance-based marketing where you, the publisher, have virtually limitless possibilities to earn what you want, when you want, by hosting advertising and earning for every customer you bring to the advertiser.

Affiliate Marketing is the business relationship that binds a potential advertiser with a potential publisher. Affiliate marketing makes it easy to sell and promote a portfolio of products to the world by using affiliate marketers to spread the word, over literally thousands of websites, blogs, and social media feeds. Affiliate marketing also allows the publisher the option to choose what they want to promote.

The reason why Affiliate Marketing is so successful is very simple - it works. When publishers promote advertisers in a committed and effective way, the profits can be significant for everyone concerned.

Affiliate marketing is a relationship between four parties:


A publisher is anyone who produces online (or, in some cases, offline) content, and the key to bringing an advertiser's products to a wider audience. In an ideal situation, a publisher will promote products in an area on which he or she is knowledgeable and willing to commit time and effort.

Online Affiliate World (The Affiliate Network)

During Online Affiliate World's 10-plus years in affiliate marketing, the site has gained a deserved reputation for finding and offering the best affiliate deals available anywhere. OAW offers new and established affiliate marketers expertise, tools, and resources to help grow every affiliate business. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Advertisers offer a number of promotions to attract new users. This is the area of affiliate marketing that requires research and study on the publisher's part (and, as stated previously, if you are interested in that product, you have an advantage). Although many advertisers may ostensibly look similar, each offers a subtly different value proposition to the publisher and to players or users. OAW has chosen advertisers carefully based on their experience and reputation in their industries.


The more users or players you attract to your affiliate programs, the more and the more frequently you will earn. This is the incentive to keep users, or players, interested, by generating new and exciting content to keep them coming back. The OAW Academy is packed with advice that will help you create and maintain a great relationship with your users or players.

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Affiliate Marketing Glossary

Here are some key concepts concepts every affiliate should understand.


An example would be you are promoting a product of an affiliate, and you have links on your site to the product. Your readers may visit the advertiser's website and read the information provided but unless your reader actually purchases a product, there is no sale. In order to trigger an affiliate payment, your reader must finalize a sale, in the majority of cases. The exact rules over this can be found in each operator's Terms and Conditions.

CPA/Revenue Share

An affiliate program which requires a specific requirement to trigger a payment. This specific requirement could be an action (CPA or Cost-Per-Acquisition) or a revenue share deal. There are also hybrid deals which mix both kinds of payment.

A CPA focuses on one action your user must perform for you to get paid a fixed amount. Revenue share is more of a long-term strategy, possibly with the same client. For example, a revenue share at Online Affiliate World could pay you depending on how much your player plays or uses a particular service that charges a fee for each action.


How do you know how many of your visitors purchased the product you promote? How does Online Affiliate World keep track of that information? That’s what a tracker does – when a client signs up through your bonus code or your link, that client has a cookie automatically placed on their computer that tracks their activity (visits and purchases) at that advertiser.

We have an FAQ section that includes more useful terms and explanations on how affiliate marketing works. If you cannot find an answer or do not completely understand what we are offering, please ask our dedicated support team, by hitting the Support link on your Dashboard.

Why Choose Online Affiliate World?


Publishers with Online Affiliate World receive all-in-one monthly payments for all their programs. These are conducted on-time, so you can be sure that you'll get what you expect, when you expect it. The Dashboard tells you exactly how much money you're making, something you can also check on the OAW iOS and Android apps.

Attention to detail

We regularly collect information from our advertisers on traffic, promotions, etc. After we crunch the data, we compile detailed reports, with statistical analysis that allows affiliates to target their audience and promote their programs in the best way to users and players.

The Best Affiliate Deals

The affiliate deals we offer are handpicked by our experienced staff and then carefully negotiated with representatives of the advertisers. OAW's experience and great reputation in the affiliate marketing industry means we can negotiate the best deals for publishers.

An affiliate platform made for you

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