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Make Money from Poker Affiliate Marketing

February 22 2017 22 Feb 2017 3 min. read
Poker Affiliate Marketing

How OAW Helps Poker Affiliates Make Profits

The focus of Online Affiliate World, right from its first move into the affiliate marketplace over a decade ago, was online poker affiliates. We’ve been successful in building one of the world’s largest online poker affiliate programs and extending our reach to include casinos and more. We have helped over 15,000 publishers start or boost their online business through the best paying affiliate programs you will find anywhere.

What this means for you is that whether you are a newcomer to online publishing, or you are an experienced affiliate and you want to improve your profits, OAW has the best programs from the biggest players in online poker, ready and waiting for you to promote them.

How Poker Affiliate Marketing Works

Poker affiliate tie-ins can be run on a variety of different business models. These include the Revenue Share affiliate program, the Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate program, or a hybrid (Revenue Share and CPA) affiliate program.

CPA is a very popular revenue model for poker publishers. This is for a number of reasons. If a poker CPA deal is offered during a promotion, as soon as the user clicks on the icon, the publisher gets the financial benefit from that, even if that user moves on to another activity afterwards. In addition, online poker rooms have some of the highest-paying affiliate programmes.

Our Best Poker Affiliate Programs

Promoting online poker to your readers can be a very lucrative business. Poker is a game with a keen group of followers who can be relied to check back regularly for new deals, but also a growing number of new players, who want to get better at the game. You can promote online poker rooms now and earn up to 40% revenue share on fees. The best poker CPA deals can pay up to $150 for each new player.

Poker affiliate marketing is a a great focus for your business, provided you are prepared and you have a great team behind you. With Online Affiliate World, you have just that. Our Academy will guide you every step of the way to success and profits, while our dedicated support staff are just a call away, wherever you are. The OAW team's expertise, gained from having operated in the poker affiliate industry since 2004, is peerless, and we're in your corner.

You need an online affiliate resource you trust. Online Affiliate World is here for you.

An affiliate platform made for you

Poker, Casino, Sports, Trading, Lottery, Bingo and more: whether you want to promote on your site, Online Affiliate World has got you covered.

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