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Why Persuasion is Your Most Powerful Lead Generation Tool

March 29 2017 29 Mar 2017 13 min. read
Why Persuasion is Your Most Powerful Lead Generation Tool

Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” sold nearly 30 million copies since it was originally published in 1936. For over 60 years, the book has been a source of inspiration for millions of aspiring entrepreneurs and people hoping to become more influential in their everyday lives.

The knowledge shared by the author, who before becoming a lecturer was a successful salesman for ranching goods like bacon, soap, and lard, does not only give powerful insights into personal self-development, but the simple techniques and tools discussed can also be applied to affiliate marketing.

While the principles of persuasion in this classic book were originally intended to help salesmen, in the digital era online platforms are the new sales clerks and shopfronts; and here’s how you can make yours more inviting.

Affiliate Marketing and Persuasion as a Lead Generation Tool

How to Stand Out in a Sea of Affiliate Marketing Websites

Affiliate marketing inherently involves selling products that aren’t your own. This means that the unique value of your business does not lie in the goods you sell, since they can be found elsewhere, but in how you present the products of your partners.

Depending on the style of your site, your approach to lead generation marketing may be aggressively commercial, or you may be headed for a more genuine blogger approach. Either way the objective is the same: you must persuade your readers that the benefits of what you’re promoting are only available through your site.

The only question is: how?

How to Use Dale Carnegie’s Book Beyond Personal Contexts

Genuine, engaging and persuasive are the words you want to hear when it comes to your approach to making a pitch. This isn’t limited to job interviews or presentations, but also applies to your personal demeanor and, in today’s digital marketplace, your business’ website.

While Carnegie’s book explains how to create a powerfully persuasive sales pitch, there are ways to incorporate his book’s three major principles to your affiliate marketing site as powerful lead generation tools.

In case you haven’t read the book, Carnegie outlines three fundamental rules to being persuasive and influential while successfully selling yourself or your products. These principles are:

  1. Don't criticize, condemn, or complain.
  2. Give honest and sincere appreciation.
  3. Arouse in the other person an eager want.

At first glance these may not seem relevant to your site’s approach to marketing campaigns, but once you take a closer look you may find that they are based on basic human psychology and collective consumer behavior trends that you can benefit from applying to your sales strategies.

1st Principle: Don't criticize, condemn, or complain.

When it comes to digital marketing and lead generation, association and tone is everything. Particularly when it comes to content marketing, your choice of words and tone can heavily improve or reduce the effectiveness of your copy on lead generation.

Many sales campaigns apply stimulus response theory. The application of this theory in marketing often involves triggering anxiety before offering a solution (which is what you’re selling) by presenting your audience with a problem you think they have. The negative stimulus thereby resulting in a positive response (a sale $).

The idea behind these campaigns is that the sense of relief resulting from purchasing your product or service makes the campaign more persuasive than a simple value offering.

Seems a little cruel, but is it effective?

While in a sense accentuating a problem can highlight the value the solution you're proposing, in can also result in readers developing a sense of distrust and skepticism.

You don’t want your readers to become uneasy, because then they may get cold feet when the time comes to purchase your product. This is precisely where Carnegie’s first principle can be applied to improve your site’s ability to generate leads.

People don’t purchase products and services, they buy solutions.

While negative marketing tactics such as controversial topics and negative experience sharing can be effective in some cases, in the online gambling sector in particular there are many negative connotations with the industry that make this approach a risky option.

Affiliate Marketing and Persuasion as a Lead Generation Tool

Instead of trying to draw attention to your target market’s problems in your site’s content, focus instead on illustrating a scenario where their problem is resolved. By focusing on the resolution of your audience’s problem, you can demonstrate how your products are relevant to them in a positive and inviting way that won’t scare them off by the time they reach your call to action!

2nd Principle: Give honest and sincere appreciation.

A plain old ‘thank you’ without a personal presence can seem insincere, and giving genuine appreciation is a challenge for any online business, let alone affiliate marketing sites.

If you are the owner of your own services and products, you could implement a loyalty program that would not only generate leads, but also encourage customers to return to your site for increasingly better offers.

For affiliate marketers, however, a loyalty program is not always a viable option due to the complexity of covering the cost of handing out freebies for products and services you don’t produce in house.

Thankfully there are other ways to reward your readers and thank them for their loyalty without generating losses, which we’ll get into below.

The Obvious Lead Generation Tool: Give Exclusive Offers

Your site as a channel needs to be portrayed as an exclusive gateway to your partners’ products that offers unique value on top of the product itself. The simplest method, at least from an advertising perspective, is to give special offers that your readers won’t find anywhere else.

Practically speaking, however, this may prove challenging depending on your business model, sales volume, and relationships with your partners. If your site has been running for some time and you have consistently generated leads you could potentially negotiate an exclusive offer for your readers.

If you’re new to the affiliate marketing scene you’re welcome to join our OAW affiliate community. Not only do we offer an extensive network of affiliate partners, but you can also benefit from exclusive deals and access to extensive array of management tools to boost your new business!

A Low-Cost Marketing Strategy: Content Upgrades

If negotiating exclusive deals or giving out a special bonus is not an option for your site, you’ll be happy to hear that there are non-financial ways to encourage sales.

The easiest way to reward readers is to offer content upgrades in exchange for a user’s action on your site. Whether it is a reward for purchasing a product or submitting an email address, content upgrades can be an incredibly persuasive lead generation tool if used correctly.

Wait, what are content upgrades?

While the term may not be familiar to you, this concept has been widely adapted on various blogs and sites across tons of sectors. If you’ve ever been asked to sign up for a newsletter in exchange for an e-book or guide, then you were offered a piece of content as a reward for an action.

Content upgrades are a lot like the bonus concept that is so widely used in online casino marketing. Instead of offering free spins for example, you can offer valuable information that your audience is looking for (i.e. strategy guides for their preferred casino games) in exchange for newsletter subscription, a direct purchase or any action on your site!

While it may be a less direct way to incentivize purchases, they are a great way to boost your subscription rate for email marketing, where you have plenty of additional opportunities to convert readers who have already proven that they’re interested in your value offerings.

Affiliate Marketing and Persuasion as a Lead Generation Tool

3rd Principle: Arouse in the other person an eager want

You want clients to purchase your products, but since people buy solutions you still may not know what they’re really looking for. Invest time into discovering what people want out of the items you are selling; the benefit rather than the product itself, and focus on selling that benefit.

What solutions do online casino products offer users?

Any affiliate marketer needs to understand their audience, and the solution they seek in the products you want them to purchase. In the case of online gambling, the most valuable customers are searching for one or more solutions to the following situations:

  1. A way to enjoy casino games from home or on the move.
  2. The possibility of winning a lifechanging fortune.
  3. A bonus or offer that allows then to play for real money while paying less.

Not only are these the problems you can solve as an affiliate site for online casinos, but the traffic you can generate by emphasizing these solutions on your site will be much more likely to convert to customers later.

Bottom line: give people what they want!

To capitalize on the demand for online casino products whether people are game or bonus oriented is to focus on emphasizing the features of your partners’ products. One great way to do this is to provide detailed reviews of casino sites you are advertising.

"The only way on earth to influence other people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get it." – Dale Carnegie

You can use reviews to not only display the solutions your target market demands, but it is a great way to demonstrate how they can claim the bonuses or play the casino games they are looking for.

Affiliate Marketing and Persuasion as a Lead Generation Tool

Winning isn’t everything, but it’s still great!

Games of chance are fun because of the element of luck, and that with the right timing or choices you just may win a massive pile of money that will change your life (or weekend).

While online gambling is by no means a steady stream of income, and should not be advertised as such, a powerful tool that also applies Carnegie’s first principle of avoiding critique and negative association involves promoting success stories of lucky players.

By publishing genuine stories about successful players, who also happen to be members of your target audience, you emphasize the positive experience that casino goers can have by purchasing products on your site.

These winners are not only relatable, but are the embodiment of the big money ideal that many online gamblers strive for. As Carnegie put it, the best way to persuade is show users what they want and how they can get it, and storytelling is a powerful and effective way to do so.

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