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Albania, Angola, Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Algeria, France, United Kingdom, Greenland, Greece, India, Japan, Portugal, Turkey, Ukraine, United States, Virgin Islands, U.s., South Africa

Betfair Poker Affiliate program

Revenue share: 35% Rating: 4.0/5 star


Great news! As a Betfair Poker affiliate, you earn 35% when your players pay rake at poker tables as well as 25% revenue share whenever they visit Betfair Sports and Betfair Casino.

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About Betfair Poker

Betfair was launched in 2000. Currently, they have offices in the US, the UK, Ireland, Malta, and Gibraltar with the Head Office in Hammersmith, UK. Betfair operates on UK and Maltese licenses. As of 2013 they offer online casino services in New Jersey, US.

15 years in the business and Betfair is still growing strong: they continue to record growth and bring their customers the best online gaming experience including great promotions, awesome games, and amazing customer support.

Why Choose Betfair

They say that reaching the top is easier than staying there. But that’s what Betfair has achieved. Currently Betfair is a top 3 online gaming site worldwide, having achieved its success only by being incredibly consistent in offering the best of what’s available out there. Isn’t that someone you would want to be friends with?

Besides, you earn not only from the rake your players pay in poker. In addition to 35% revenue share on poker, you also earn 25% when they wager on casino or sports.


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