Lottosend Affiliate program

Hybrid: $30 + 5% Rating: 4.0/5 star


You will earn $30 CPA +5% Revenue share with every new player you refer to Lottosend.

CPA is triggered upon the subscription activation which is always 2-3 days after the 1$ purchase

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Lottosend Bonus

Get your players to join up with Lottosend NOW for a Buy One Get One Free deal on lottery entries!

Your players can also stand a chance of $1000 in bonus cash, every Sunday.

About Lottosend

Founded in 2013, Lottosend offers players around the world access to eight fantastic lotteries. With a great offer whereby new players can get their money from the first ticket purchased matched for a second one, Lottosend knows exactly how to attract new players. With a $30 CPA, it could also attract you.

With Lottosend, you can expect thrills and spills, but you also know that you're getting what you pay for - the company offers some of the best safeguards in the industry to make sure you get the lottery ticket you expect. Flexibility is also a key factor, with syndicates welcomed through the Group Ticket.

For first-time or regular lottery players, Lottosend could be the answer!


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