Lotto247 Affiliate program

CPA: $40 Rating: 5.0/5 star


Lotto247 offers a CPA of up to $40 with a baseline of $12 for each new player you drive to the official website. If you join the lottery affiliate program of Lotto247, you can earn fantastic commissions!

The official lottery affiliate program of Lotto247 is LottaRewards, which has been trusted by lottery affiliates all over the world for 20 years. All you need to do to join the program and become a Lotto247 affiliate is register for an account. As soon as it’s approved, you can start promoting Lotto247 on your website and earn excellent commissions.

Your default monthly commission is 15%, while for 1-10, 11-50, 51-100 and 101+ new players, you will earn 25%, 30%, 35% and 40% CPA, respectively.

Geos: Canada, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden.

Become an affiliate for Lotto247 TODAY by signing up for an account at Online Affiliate World. You can even apply here for your own tracker.

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Lotto247 Bonus

Lotto247 is currently offering a risk-free play for new players who want to enter the lottery draws. If a player doesn’t win, that is, if their entry doesn’t get a match, then the player’s entry is fully refunded! Apart from getting 100% cash back, the player gets an additional 100% if they’ve purchased the entry using a non-credit card option.

This double deal attracts a great number of international players, so joining the affiliate program and attracting more players gives you an opportunity to start earning big!

About Lotto247

Established in 2004, Lotto247 is an international lottery service dedicated to providing its players with luxury lotto experiences supported by a high level of security. With its user-focused play, a variety of payment methods and an excellent customer service, Lotto247 is among the most popular lottery services around the world.

Join Lotto247 lottery affiliate program TODAY and start converting your website traffic into real profit, earning up to $40 CPA with a $12 baseline!


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