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Testing is one of the cornerstones of marketing. A/B testing or split testing is a method where a marketer launches two, very similar versions of a campaign with one difference among them (headline, button colour, etc.). Tracking the performance of both campaigns tells the marketer which campaign to keep and which to discontinue.

A company that aims to increase their revenue through affiliate marketing. The advertiser sets the terms and the rewards for its affiliates.

An affiliate earns commission by promoting an advertiser’s products and services using their preferred methods such as blogging, email marketing, social media marketing, ads, etc.

Affiliate Marketing is a business model where an advertiser, the entity with a product or service, relies on an affiliate to help sell those products or services by referring traffic back to the advertiser. In exchange for customers, the advertiser pays commission to the affiliate.

A goal of any Affiliate Network is to bring affiliates and advertisers together. A network is in a unique position to get above-standard deals from the advertiser as they represent their whole affiliate base. Online Affiliate World represents over 14,000 webmasters, bloggers and marketers. Where an affiliate alone could get perhaps a 20% revenue share deal directly from an advertiser, he or she could get a better deal (up to 50 50%) at an affiliate network.

A banner or a banner ad is an image used for promotional purposes.

The advertisements that will be placed on the affiliate’s website when signed up with a particular advertiser. All banners and text links from all advertisers can be found in the Marketing Tools>Creatives section on the left-hand side of the affiliate’s dashboard at Online Affiliate World.

An alpha-numeric code that a user may enter when opening an account with a specific advertiser running a promotion. When entered, the customer receives a bonus or a discount associated with that bonus code while the affiliate is recorded as the referrer, and will receive the reward promised in the affiliate program. Bonus codes are no longer as popular as they once were in the online gaming industry, but are quite frequent with hosting providers, clothing advertisers, etc.

Commission is the reward an affiliate earns from the advertiser or the affiliate network for promoting affiliate programs. Popular rewards include revenue share and CPA models.

A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored in a website visitor’s computer. Cookies are designed to improve the user experience and may contain sign-up information, user preferences, etc. Cookies also help the advertiser recognize the affiliate that sent the customer to its website.

CPA is one of the ways an affiliate gets paid by an advertiser. It’s a one-time payment that an affiliate earns each time his referrals complete a specific action. These actions may include a deposit and/or accumulated wagers, points or sales.

Creatives, including still banner images, gifs and landing pages are promotional material an affiliate uses to optimize conversions of his/her promoted offers. When you sign up for an affiliate offer, you can design your own creatives or choose from a range of multilingual creatives available from your account at Online Affiliate World.

A person who came through an affiliates website and has purchased an advertiser’s products and services.

The customer journey maps the website visitor’s road from the first visit to the end product. Instead of letting website visitors wander around a website randomly, affiliates map out their customer journeys to help guide their visitors from an interesting article to an email subscription box to a product review and a sales page.

An URL or a hyperlink to download software from the advertiser you promote. An affiliate will usually need a download URL when promoting CPI (Cost per Install) affiliate programs.

Email marketing simply means a marketing campaign using email.

An embedded code is a piece of graphic or text that helps identify an affiliate’s customer visiting the advertiser’s website.

Deposits, Gross Revenue or traffic generated at the Website through illegal means or in bad faith with the aim of committing fraud, whatever the outcome of that action. Fraudulent traffic includes deposits generated on stolen credit cards, collusion, manipulation of the service or system, bonuses or other promotional abuse, and unauthorized use of any third party accounts, copyrights or trademarks. Fraudulent traffic is also the action of intentionally sending users to a site with the sole intention of playing the minimum number of games required in order for a publisher to receive a CPA payment.

In simple terms, Geo-targeting means putting effort into recognizing where the customers are coming from and targeting them with content and/or ads differently based on their location. It has proved to be a successful tactic for online and offline marketing. Sometimes affiliates have to use geo-targeting because specific programs are only available in certain countries, like the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, etc.

The amount of money an affiliate has made in user referrals from his/her website to those of advertisers as part of Online Affiliate World.

Hybrid affiliate deals combine multiple earning methods for referrals e.g. CPA and revenue share. Instead of getting only a one-time payment, or only a percentage of the customer revenue, you will get both, but at a different rate. For example, in a case where a referred customer would earn you $100 CPA, or 30% revenue share deal, a hybrid program could look like this: $75 CPA + 20% revenue share.

Impression is a metric that measures how many times the advert was fetched or shown. It does not measure the times the advert was clicked on.

Landing pages, or lead capture pages, are web pages built with a single purpose such as to personalize your message for better conversions and capture an email address . Landing pages are necessary because they help personalize the sales message and increase conversion rates. Different traffic sources can each have their own landing page. Also, it is easy to run A/B tests on landing pages to increase conversions even further.

A lead, in marketing, is a potential customer that has shown some interest in an offered product or service, usually by signing up for a newsletter or clicking on an affiliate link.

A publisher or an affiliate who promotes an advertiser’s products and services to their own audience and earns commission for referrals.

The scaled commission fee taken by a website operating a poker game. It is generally 2.5 to 10 percent of the pot in each hand of poker, or a fee to enter a tournament. The size of the rake varies depending on the site, but will be stated in the terms and conditions.

A user of a gaming website who has paid one of the specified currencies as a deposit or to unlock part of the game.

A person who is referred by an affiliate, e.g. who visits an advertiser's webpage by clicking on the affiliate's URL.

A restricted territory is a where the affiliate program and its rewards do not apply. Therefore, in a case when your referred customer from a restricted territory registers an account with the advertiser, he or she will not earn you commission.

Revenue share is a performance-based commission model advertisers use to reward their affiliates. Revenue share programs bring long-term rewards to the affiliate. Differently from a CPA, an affiliate earns a never-ending, uncapped share depending on how much his customer(s) have spent or wagered on the advertiser’s products or services in the previous month.

ROI stands for Return On Investment, which is one of the essential quantifiers of success in marketing. As the name suggests, this metric shows the marketer how profitable his campaign is, by comparing his investment versus the return.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means making a website more search engine friendly by using categories, descriptions, tags, etc. Even though full website SEO is complicated and done by professionals, there are a lot of small things any website owner can do on his own to help search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing find his/her website and rank it higher in search results.

Special advertiser offers designed to persuade a website visitor to perform a specific action (for example, sign up for a newsletter, register an account, make a deposit). While affiliates can’t influence what these incentives are for their audience, promoting advertisers offers is one of the best ways to convert visitors to customers.

A Squeeze page is a landing page or a popup ad designed to collect email addresses from potential customers, often by offering a free product of service in return. A squeeze page allows an affiliate to continue building a relationship with their potential customers through email marketing even if they don’t ever come back to the affiliate’s website.

A website or business that a publisher has referred to the advertiser's affiliate program, and for which that publisher will receive compensation as per the terms and conditions.

A unique URL (a tracker) from a publisher's site to that of an advertiser, which can be used to track and calculate a publisher's affiliate earnings.

Website visitors, customers, players, everyone who clicks on any URL is a part of incoming or outgoing website traffic. Website visitors who make purchases e.g. convert into customers are the traffic advertisers pay affiliates for.

VIP Points refer to the advertiser’s loyalty program, rewarding points for every purchase, wager, etc. Alongside making a deposit, collecting a certain amount of VIP points may be one of the player requirements in a CPA affiliate program.

An URL or a hyperlink that directs affiliate’s customers to the advertiser’s website or service page.

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