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Cost per Action (CPA): where an advertiser pays each time a specific action is completed (e.g. when a user clicks on the advertisement and opens an account).

Real Money Player (RMP): a user of a gaming website who has paid one of the specified currencies as a deposit or to unlock part of the game.

Gross Monthly Revenue: the amount of money a publisher has made in user referrals from his/her website to those of advertisers as part of Online Affiliate World.

Frequent Player Points (FPPs): Points players might be required by an advertiser (stated in the terms and conditions) to accumulate, as a way of eliminating fraud, meaning the publisher earns his/her CPA commission.

Rake (in poker): The scaled commission fee taken by a website operating a poker game. It is generally 2.5 to 10 percent of the pot in each hand of poker, up to a maximum amount that varies depending on the site, but will be stated in the terms and conditions.

Banners and Text Links: The advertisements that will be placed on the website of a publisher when signed up with a particular advertiser. All banners and text links from all advertisers can be found in the Marketing Tools section on the left-hand side of a publisher's dashboard.

Fraud Traffic: Deposits, Gross Revenue or traffic generated at the Website through illegal means or in bad faith with the aim of committing fraud, whatever the outcome of that action. Fraud Traffic includes deposits generated on stolen credit cards, collusion, manipulation of the service or system, bonuses or other promotional abuse, and unauthorized use of any third party accounts, copyrights or trademarks.
Fraud traffic is also the action of intentionally sending users to a site with the sole intention of playing the minimum number of games required in order for a publisher to receive a CPA payment.
Online Affiliate World takes very seriously the relationship between ourselves, publishers and advertisers, and for you, as a publisher, to be successful, you must adhere to both the spirit and the letter of the terms and conditions.

Bonus Code: An alpha-numeric code that a user may enter when opening an account with a specific advertiser running a promotion. When entered, the publisher is recorded as the referrer, and will receive any incentive or reward promised.

Sign-Up Bonus Incentives: Special offers to a user if he/she (for example) opens an account or makes a real money deposit with a specific advertiser. Note: the giving of cash incentives, free bankrolls, or special gifts, are all strictly prohibited on Online Affiliate World. In these cases, Online Affiliate World reserves the right to withhold CPA payments. For further information, see terms and conditions.

Sub-Affiliate: A website or business that a publisher has referred to the advertiser's affiliate program, and for which that publisher will receive compensation as per the terms and conditions.

Tracking URL: A unique URL from a publisher's site to that of an advertiser, which can be used to track and calculate a publisher's affiliate earnings.

There is no specific answer to this. It all comes down to whether or not a publisher is willing to work hard and perform imaginative, effective marketing. If so, the rewards can be significant.

Although there is no joining fee on Online Affiliate World, this community is very much a collaboration between publishers, advertisers and Online Affiliate World. In all forms of business and marketing, you get what you give, and you cannot hope to make worthwhile money from being a publisher, unless you make the marketing assistance we offer work for you.

We can offer education, encouragement, information, and what we feel is the best user experience of any affiliate marketing website, but there is "no such thing as a free lunch."

Not necessarily. We suggest that publishers diversify the portfolio of sites they promote as well as industries they promote within. To this note, we are expanding our portfolio of advertisers, from more and more exciting business areas.

Online Affiliate World is a service for website publishers who want to improve their business through the use of affiliate marketing, and for advertisers who want to promote their brand through a huge network of publisher sites. Under the site's previous brand name, Poker Affiliate World, we brought together gaming affiliates from all around the world and shared best practices.

Online Affiliate World will continue to work with publishers and advertisers, exhibiting the same high standards of service, while diversifying the number and kind of advertisers offered, and providing assistance and support to all partner businesses.

Trackers and Referring Codes

Bonus codes can be obtained by contacting customer service at Online Affiliate World, using the link on your dashboard. When requesting a bonus code, please let us know for which tracking link you require the code, and name the desired bonus code and an alternative bonus code (your first preference may not be available), ensuring that both are not more than 10 characters long each.

New publishers can request as many trackers as they like. However, publishers will not be issued with more than two for each advertiser. CPA tracking codes, in the main, are confirmed manually by the Online Affiliate World Team.

As an added security measure, recently-joined publishers will only be able to request revenue share trackers at first. However, new publishers can send a request through to have their account assessed for CPA deals, by using the link on their dashboard to contact customer service.


Online Affiliate World does not accept advertising from our publishers. We do however provide maximum exposure and excellent opportunities for growth through our market-leading affiliate deals.

Yes, in fact we encourage you to submit any news that you believe would be useful or interesting to our community of publishers and advertisers. If we consider the news to be something that would be valuable to our community if reported, we will gladly do so. For any such inquiries, please contact customer support.

First of all you have to be a member in good standing. Any site that is submitted to us for consideration as a "Featured Site" should be one of the best out there, as an example for the rest of the Online Affiliate World community. The purpose of having featured sites is for fellow publishers to see top-quality sites.

Payments and Reporting

Online Affiliate World offers a variety of ways to receive your payment. These include Bank Wire Transfer (minimum $1000), Skrill (no limit), PayPal (no limit) and Webmoney (minimum $100).

Online Affiliate World automatically takes information from most of our advertisers. To ensure maximum accuracy, our staff manually verifies this information at the start of each new month, ensuring that all information provided by the rooms is accurate. This can sometimes lead to your statistics showing a dip.

Reasons why this may have occurred include fraudulent players, disqualified players and changes in the reporting system. If you have any queries whatsoever about your statistics, please do not hesitate to contact customer support.

Net gaming revenue, in relation to gaming sites you advertise, is the amount of money your business earns from your users using the sites of gaming affiliate advertisers. It is the result of the following formula:

(rake + tournament fees) - (bonuses + charge backs) = Net gaming revenue

Generally, Online Affiliate World completes analysis of all relevant statistics by or on the 20th of the month after the calendar month in question. Once the statistics have been analyzed, statements will be sent out. After withdrawal confirmation, payments are made within five business days. As an example of how this works in practice, September payments are generally prepared by or on 20th October. October payments are generally prepared by or on 20th November.