CasinoSuperLines Affiliate program

Hybrid: $100 + 20% Rating: 5.0/5 star


By becoming a member of the Online Affiliate World affiliate network, you instantly open up the opportunity to be an affiliate partner for the new SuperLinesCasino affiliate program. This is a simple, straightforward program with the opportunity to make $100 CPA + 20% Revenue Share with the CPA baseline set at $30.

Bear in mind that this program is only available for marketers from LATAM, FR, IT, Nordics, DACH, CZ, PL, RO, BG, RU, NL.

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About CasinoSuperLines

The SuperLinesCasino is one of the newest and most modern online casinos. It launched in 2017 and they offer a variety of games for various audiences. This makes them perfect for any marketers that want to send traffic their way, as there is simply something for everyone on their website.

They have a lot to bring to the table and offer to players, and this is why they are looking for a lot of affiliates that can help them achieve this. They have some of the most experienced professionals in the industry that have combined their strengths to make something new and exciting.

Reliable partners
The way that SuperLinesCasino was able to make a breakthrough in an already saturated market is by being honest and reliable. The gambling industry has a lot of shady people but SuperLinesCasino is the complete opposite. Their team approaches every new affiliate program partner with transparency, offer open collaboration, and create a real partnership.

Simply put, all affiliate partners that start working with them know everything that is going on and they always know what to expect. They value their partners and are always ready to give additional information or suggest strategies that could help marketers do a better job.

They make it easy and simple
SuperLinesCasino doesn’t want to put a strain on its affiliates. When you start working for them, they will instantly explain to you how things work. Just like that, in a matter of days, you are in and ready to go. Even if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is and how affiliate networks work, they are at your disposal to fill you in and explain how everything works.

You don’t even need to have a website – if you have a strong social media following you can make it work by promoting them there. Affiliate marketing on Instagram is not a rare thing and everybody has Instagram profiles today. If you have a strong presence, don’t let it go to waste – take a chance as you don’t have anything to lose.

If you’ve never worked as an affiliate partner, this is one of the best affiliate programs to start with. Everything is plain and simple, with payouts being transparent and straightforward. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to cash in your online presence!


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