How VPN Protects Your Privacy and Boosts Revenues

By Saulius Griskenas • April 27 2017 27 Apr 2017 3 min. read
How VPN Protects Your Privacy and Boosts Revenues

When it comes to internet security, there are two kinds of people. Those, that don’t bother because ‘they’ve got nothing to hide’ and those who take it very seriously.

As an affiliate marketer who deals with sensitive data, you cannot risk being careless. It’s not just your personal information is on the line, but also your customers’. While this may seem scary, with the right approach this trend is an incredible marketing opportunity for affiliate businesses.

People don’t understand how to stay safe on the internet, some don’t even bother safe-proofing their computers with passwords, not to mention their mobile devices. And the sad truth is, the situation is only getting worse.

ISPs Now Store and (Sometimes) Sell Browsing Data

Nowadays you need to be aware of criminal activities online as much as government policies. In Australia internet service providers are now required to collect and store their customer’s metadata which resulted in a national ‘Get a VPN Day’ initiative. You may have also already heard that just a couple of weeks ago the U.S. government allowed internet service providers to sell people’s browsing information.

These are not isolated incidents, and such policies are popping up all around the world. Perhaps saying that the situation is getting worse might have been an understatement.

Privacy Concerns Are On the Rise

Privacy is a topic that has been getting more traction over the last few years and will only become more relevant for affiliates like yourselves as time passes. So much so, that we at OAW are planning to bring in more VPN affiliate programs to you. Luckily, we already have one of the best VPNs in the world; NordVPN.

Interest in VPNs since 2011
Interest in VPNs since 2011

The Hero We Need: NordVPN

NordVPN is a multi-award winning VPN service that will keep you and your customers secure 24/7. Right now there is a need like never before to stay anonymous online, and NordVPN allows you to do just that.

NordVPN is not only among the best VPNs, but also one of the most affordable ones. One-year plan at $5.75/month saves your customers 52% off the regular price while anyone who purchases a two-year plan can save 72%!

That’s only $3.29/month to be secure in an increasingly dangerous online environment.

Top NordVPN Features Include:

  • Desktop and mobile support
  • Auto kill switch
  • Double Encryption
  • P2P allowed
  • Hide IP address
  • Dedicated IP

People, including yourself, want to be safe online but may not know how. With interest in internet privacy increasing, the smart thing is to tap into this traffic right now, educate them, and maybe even tell them about NordVPN and earn 35% revenue share on every customer you refer.

The magic of internet privacy is that it connects everyone. You may be focused on niches such as poker or casino products, but even for your target markets everyone is a potential customer to promote VPNs.

Check out our NordVPN review and sign up to their affiliate program today!

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