Ungagged London 2017: The SEO Conference You NEED to Attend

By Saulius Griskenas • April 21 2017 21 Apr 2017 9 min. read
Ungagged London 2017: The SEO Conference You NEED to Attend

The largest digital marketing and SEO conference in the world is back in London this Summer, with the sixth edition of the legendary UnGagged conference kicking off on June 15 at the iconic London County Hall for a two-day of marketing, SEO, and hardcore networking.

UnGagged is an exciting event where top online marketing professionals meet to discuss the latest innovations and trends in web-based marketing. The conference is held twice a year between London and Las Vegas.

For affiliate marketers, online presence is crucial to running a successful business. Luckily enough the UnGagged London Conference 2017 features an agenda packed with sessions and events that promise to teach you everything there is to know to stand out from your competition and boost your conversion rate to unthinkable heights.

Why attend UnGagged London 2017?

Not only do conferences give prospective online businesses a chance to share ideas with like-minded individuals, but events like Ungagged SEO are a great way to learn from the best in the business. UnGagged features plenty of notable key point speakers who will be extending their advice from years of experience.

Another reason why attending UnGagged London as an affiliate marketer is a must is that you will be given a chance to network and build up your list of contacts. Not only is this beneficial for personal development, but it is an excellent way to find new partners and opportunities for your business.

While there are plenty of digital marketing conferences available in Europe and beyond, there are few things that make UnGagged London stand out from the rest.

1. UnGagged London is Completely UNCENSORED!

As with all of UnGagged's previous events, Ungagged London 2017 doesn’t allow any recording of speeches. Speakers are completely free to tell it like it is, so you can be sure that at UnGagged you’ll hear the honest, uncut truth about today’s online marketing trends and tips.

The conference is not about personal branding or self-promotion, and speakers have little incentive to give talks aside from giving solid advice and engaging with like-minded professionals. This makes the conference a one of a kind and genuine experience.

2. There Are No Pitches at UnGagged London

A marketing conference without pitches; is it possible?

UnGagged London has a unique approach to idea presentation, as there are no pitches or hidden agendas. Speakers do not attend or participate in the hopes of promoting their brands or selling their products.

Presenters who take the stage at Ungagged will do so to share their experiences and help you move your business forward and nothing else.

The content being shared is meant to help guide you through your own online marketing efforts rather than shove doctrines and sales pitches down your throat, which can be a refreshing change from the usual marketing conference scene.

How to Attend UnGagged London

Attending UnGagged is still possible despite the date quickly drawing nearer. Luckily, for a couple more weeks you can still get Early Bird tickets to attend the conference with a discount. However, keep in mind that on the 12th of May the prices are going up!

Tickets for UnGagged London are all-inclusive, meaning that meals, refreshments and snacks are part of the package. There’s even an after-party on Day 1 hosted by the conference for you to let loose after a long string of talks and discussions.

HURRY: Before the 12th of May you can get UnGagged tickets for:

  • £595: Single Early Bird ticket for the two-day UnGagged London Conference
  • £549: 4+ Early Bird package for the two-day UnGagged London Conference
  • £699: 14th June Masterclasses

Click here for more info on discounted tickets!

If you want to learn more about the day's activities you can check out the full agenda below including the one day Masterclass program.

UnGagged London 2017 Agenda 14th June: One-Day Masterclasses

Either in addition to the two-day conference or as your only plan of action you can attend some game-changing workshops to take your digital marketing and SEO skills to the next level!

9:00am–5:00pmIntegrated Marketing! Search and Social Psychographic Targeting, Retargeting & Conversion Mashups
9:00am–5:00pmSEO Masterclass

UnGagged London 2017 Agenda 15th-16th 2017

Get ready for some action and knowledge-packed days with keynotes from Bastian Grimm (Peak Ace) and Marty Wintraub (Aimclear) and plenty more!

Day 1 Program UnGagged London 2017

9:00am–10:00amSocial? Psychographics? Data? SEO? PR? Content? PPC? What the hell is Marketing Now ANYWAY!Marty Weintraub, Founder – Aimclear®
10:00am–11:00amDelivering outstanding results with technical SEOBartosz Góralewicz, CEO – Elephate
11:00am–12:00amSecrets to Persuasion in MarketingBas van den Beld, Founder – State of Digital
1:00pm–2:00pmAn Unconventional Guide to Research, Optimize and Share contentLukasz Zelezny, Head of SEO – uSwitch.com
1:00pm–2:00pmMachine learning in CRORussell McAthy, CEO – CUBED Attribution
1:00pm–2:00pmPsychographic Display Revolution: Lead-gen for Attention, Conversion, & CommunityMerry Morud, Senior Creative Strategist – Aimclear®
2:00pm–3:00pmSome Red Flags that Search Engines can use to identify SpamDixon Jones, Marketing Director – Majestic
2:00pm–3:00pmHow to hack social media and content marketing for 10x better ROI and SEOChris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus, Founder & CEO – Kubb&Co
2:00pm–3:00pmBrand Engagement Session – Content’s Next Frontier > Programmatic DeliverySimon Penson, Founder & MD – Zazzle Media
3:30pm–4:30pmDebunking the SEO MindcrimesJerry West, Director of Marketing – Web Marketing Now; Mark Wardi, Founder – Royal Tech AB
3:30pm–4:30pmSimple content optimisation hacks that will increase your rankingsWojtek Mazur, Co-Founder – Elephate
3:30pm–4:30pmBrand Engagement Session – Cyber Security From An SEO PerspectiveBrand Engagement Session – Cyber Security From An SEO Perspective
4:30pm–5:30pmDebunking the SEO MindcrimesJerry West, Director of Marketing – Web Marketing Now; Mark Wardi, Founder – Royal Tech A
4:30pm–5:30pmYou’ve Been Measuring Links Wrong!Jim Boykin, CEO and Founder – Internet Marketing Ninjas
4:30pm–5:30pmSophisticated Battle of Smart Asses. Behind the Scenes of ‘Games of Reviews’Michael Podolsky, Co-Founder – Pissed Consumer

Day 2 Program UnGagged London 2017

9.00am–10.00amTechnical SEO: The 2017 EditionBastian Grimm, CEO & Director Organic Search – Peak Ace AG
9.00am–10.00amUsing Internal & External Data to Optimize Enterprise Sites at Massive ScaleWilliam Sears, Group Product Manager, Growth – LinkedIn
11.30am–12.30pmDuplicate, Near-Duplicate and Similar Content in SEO: An Analysis Of Our Understanding And Conflicts With Consumer Choice TheoryDawn Anderson, SEO Search Strategist – Move It Marketing
12.30pm–1.30pmFrom spam maker to spam cleaner, what redemption taught me about how to competePaul Madden, Co-Founder – Kerboo
12.30pm–1.30pmBrand Engagement Session – What machines can’t do: Winning with relationship marketingOlga Andrienko, Head of Global Marketing–SEMrush
2.30pm–3.30pmBeyond the Basics – Business-led Advanced Practical Optimisation TechniquesJudith Lewis, Founder – deCabbit Consultancy
2.30pm–3.30pmLess than 1 year until the EU General Data Protection Act (GDPR) comes into effect – is your marketing ready?Jenna Tiffany, Founder & Strategy Director – Let’s Talk Strategy
3.30pm–4.30pmConverting Intent to Action – Traffic is vanity, conversion is sanityTim Stewart, Owner – trsdigital Ltd
3.30pm–4.30pmDigital Assets for Links – and AuthorshipJim Boykin, CEO and Founder – Internet Marketing Ninjas
4.30pm–5.30pm9 ways to build backlinks and the values of those backlinksJim Boykin, CEO and Founder – Internet Marketing Ninjas

Can't Make It? Try Attending UnGagged Las Vegas in November!

Can’t make it to London in June? Then plan ahead and book yourself a trip to Las Vegas, where UnGagged's second conference of 2017 will be hosted in November.

Are you planning to visit Ungagged London 2017? If you are going to be at the SEO conference, make sure to book a meeting with us to discuss how we can work better together! Also, don't forget we can get you discounted tieckets, too! For more info, visit this page.

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