TonyBet Poker Offers Unprecedented Rewards for Affiliates

May 05 2016 05 May 2016 2 min. read
TonyBet Poker Offers Unprecedented Rewards for Affiliates

When promoting poker, there is a huge amount of choice on Online Affiliate World, but have you considered promoting TonyBet Poker? If not, here are some great reasons why you ought to put your chips on TonyBet, where there are great offers wherever you look.

If you want to promote TonyBet Poker and claim your 55% revenue share, follow the link below!

Major New Revenue Share Offer

Though you might think it's difficult to find anything new to get excited about in the world of affiliate marketing, TonyBet Poker might just have come up with something: 55% revenue share on all players you attract to the site. That's an awesome deal, because it means you get more than half the money, each time you refer someone to TonyBet Poker.

Whether you go for a revenue share or CPA deal depends on your choices as a publisher, but a revenue share has some distinct advantages when it comes to regular, large depositors. Sure, it's nice to get an appealing CPA payment in your account - but even better is the feeling of getting 55% of a major deposit from a serious poker player. Aim your affiliate site content at players who are confident and skilled at poker, and watch the rewards come in.

What's In It for Players?

There are plenty of great promotions on TonyBet Poker right now. Promotions, of course, don't make a website - but they do help to convince a player that it's something worth looking at. We're confident that, once they've looked at the easy-to-use and intuitive user interface on TonyBet Poker's site, your players won't have any doubts about continuing in the long term.

Up to 80% Rake Back!

TonyBet Poker has also started, as of March 2016, monitoring the previous week’s performance at Hold’em and PLO cash game tables. The top performers will get up to 80% of their rake back, with eligibility for amazing prizes including a €3,000 trip to Las Vegas.

An affiliate platform made for you

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