Become a Leader and Boost Earnings at Casino SuperLines

By Saulius Griskenas • May 18 2017 18 May 2017 3 min. read
Become a Leader and Boost Earnings at Casino SuperLines

Today OAW launches a new hybrid affiliate program with a brand new online casino, Casino SuperLines. As an affiliate, you willl earn $60 per new signup as well as 20% with every wager your customers make!

But First, More About Casino Superlines!

Casino SuperLines was launched only recently. That means that you could be their first affiliate. And being first means that you get in on some interesting perks, after all the early beard gets the worm!

But what exactly do early affiliate publishers get when joining Casino SuperLines?

Being a Leader Means You Start a Step Ahead!

Perhaps you are wondering why be a leader? Why should you go breaking down walls, break paths for others when you could be playing it safe by copying your competitor's affiliate marketing strategy?

One thing is certain. Being a leader is not easy, but those who accept the challenge receive amazing benefits. Just think about Mike Markkula, Apple’s first investor, whose risk earned him 1/3 of one of the most profitable companies in the world.

Or, tell me, do you remember who walked on the Moon after Neil Armstrong?

The truth is, even after someone better, faster, stronger comes along, you always remain the First. No one will be able to take that away from you.

But it’s not about the rights to brag. Being the first ever to do something also elevates your status. You’re not a beginner anymore trying different things. You achieved it. You are a master now being able to teach others.

From an affiliate perspective, you may think about it as a good opportunity to grow your sub-affiliate base and earn truly passive income. At OAW, your sub-affiliates earn you 5% from their total revenue.

Marketing without Competition

Another perk of being first to promote a new brand is that you gain the upper hand against your future competitors. How?

There are none!

Think about it: all of the happy customers, all of the media coverage, all of it is yours alone! But only if you have the courage to take charge, follow through and overcome the hard days.

Take your Chance To Lead Casino SuperLines

Let’s get back to our newest partner, Casino SuperLines. The casino itself is only a few months old. They are growing fast and will are ready to reward partners generously for helping them with their grand expansion plans.

So, why not use this window of opportunity and lead affiliate ranks at Casino SuperLines? Every sign up will earn you $60 CPA plus a 20% revenue share on your customers' wagers.

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