Get on the Road to Rewards with 888poker!

April 22 2016 22 Apr 2016 2 min. read
Get on the Road to Rewards with 888poker!

If you wanted another reason to promote the fantastic 888poker on your site, the great people at 888 have come up with just that. Not only do you get a $200 CPA, but there's a great new way to attract your users to what is now one of the world's leading poker sites. That is 888poker Club's Road to Rewards.

What is the Road to Rewards?

888poker Club is the new, improved rewards program from 888poker. It promises more for your players when they sign up, and we feel it delivers on this. The cornerstone of the promotion is that each player earns points as he/she plays. Each success at the table will get new points added to the player's total, making it easy to see good progress. As the player gets better, so he/she moves up the levels, picking up Gold Tokens. Those Gold Tokens can be swapped for fabulous prizes!

The points are picked up whether the player is playing poker, casino or doing sports betting. This means it's a shared scheme throughout the 888 family of games, so that you can promote the rewards even if your affiliate program is 888casino or 888sport. This means a fully-integrated experience that isn't siloed. Reaching the target amount of points for each level, the user will be told of this, and can take the step up. Those prizes are easy to redeem too, simply by going to the site's Redeem page.

To get on the Road to Rewards, all a player has to do is play and complete Club Challenges, including the "Friends with Benefits" challenge if you get others to sign up too. It all adds up to a real community feel on 888poker and associated sites.

That's Not All...

Players also get 888poker Club free £100,000 tournaments each month, along with free prize scratchcards, and, coming soon, bonus levels, meaning there are all the more incentives for doing well and picking up those points.

With that $200 CPA for affiliate marketers who promote 888poker through Online Affiliate World, you've got every incentive to push this program!

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