You Must Make These Changes to Stay in Search Results

April 14 2016 14 Apr 2016 3 min. read
You Must Make These Changes to Stay in Search Results

Google likes to help its users to find the best sites for any search - that much we know. However the search engine is changing and refining its approach, and if you're an affiliate marketer using an old-fashioned site, or one on a cookie-cutter template, you might find yourself caught out.

Google is now warning people, if it can connect them to the website they produced, that their site is not mobile-friendly. This is a big step forward in the development of search capabilities, and it might surprise you to know that it's even possible to measure who makes what - but it is. If your site is not mobile friendly, and you can be tied to the site, the search result will say "your page is not mobile-friendly."

"So what?" you might say - and you'd have a point, except that this all fits into the future strategy for Google. They're bringing in a new algorithm that determines whether a site can be viewed easily on a mobile device or not, and so if you're hoping to get the best possible results in SEO for your affiliate site, you'd do well to make the necessary alterations if your site is flagged. Even if it's not, you ought to check your publication, to make sure that it's just as easy to access on a phone or tablet as it is on your laptop.

Google is doing this because it recognizes that most internet search traffic comes from mobile devices these days, meaning that if it presents its users with a litany of search results that are not viewable, or present a poor experience, on users' screens, it will reflect badly on Google. Therefore, the onus is on publishers to clean up their act.

How Can You Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

Make sure your content is set up so that it reformats easily to each change of page size. This should mean that, for example, mobile browser users do not have to pinch and zoom to read text, and do not have to squint to see which icon to tap with their finger. It's likely that, Google or not, if your site is not mobile-friendly, you're losing out on a serious chunk of affiliate marketing traffic, and you're looking old-fashioned to boot.

If you aren't a developer or a coder, try a website builder. We've listed some pretty cool ones here, which will help you bring your site into the present day, or tidy up the imperfections.

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