What the new Google Ad block means to publishers?

By Saulius Griskenas • July 20 2017 20 Jul 2017 5 min. read
What the new Google Ad block means to publishers?

Recently, Google has revealed more details about their plans to release an ad blocker that will be a part of the Chrome web browser. What does it mean to you, the Publisher?

You can't escape Google. No matter who you are. And that goes double if you run an online business. Even if somehow you manage not to use any of Google's services, your customers will.

In other words, whether you like it or not, Google's new Ad blocker will affect you.

The good news is you still have time to prepare. Google Chrome with an in-built ad blocker will be launched in early 2018.

Why Google needs an Ad Blocker?

The news made huge waves around the world when it first came out. Rumours are rumours, but this is actual news - 'World's largest advertising company is going to block ads'. Why?

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

As a member of the Coalition for Better Ads, Google made a pledge to improve the user experience.

As a market leader, both in online advertising and by Chrome users worldwide, they win by gaining more control over which ads are shown and which ads are not.

But what does it mean to you, the Publisher?

What Publishers need to know about Google Chrome Ad Filter

Let's try deconstructing this piece of news by looking at the situation in the simplest terms possible. Is Google's in-built ad blocker good news or bad for webmasters?

Let's look at the facts.

Fact No #1: Google is a member of Coalition for Better Ads.

The organization that also includes Facebook and a dozen smaller enterprises like the Washington Post has promised to improve the web browsing experience.

Fact No #2: Google will block all intrusive ads. Even if owned by Google.

Intrusive ads, as defined by the Coalition for Better Ads, include pop-ups, ads with timers and autoplay ads with sound. The group has proposed the Better Ads Standards that will be less intrusive for the user.

Fact No #3: One intrusive ad MAY cause all ads on the website to be blocked.

It is not definitive but Google has not ruled out the possibility that a single intrusive ad will blacklist the whole website.

In a recent blog post Building a better web for everyone, Google's senior vice president Sridhar Ramaswamy talked more about their plans. He claimed:

The vast majority of online content creators fund their work with advertising. That means they want the ads that run on their sites to be compelling, useful and engaging—ones that people actually want to see and interact with.

But the reality is, it’s far too common that people encounter annoying, intrusive ads on the web—like the kind that blare music unexpectedly, or force you to wait 10 seconds before you can see the content on the page.

These frustrating experiences can lead some people to block all ads—taking a big toll on the content creators, journalists, web developers and videographers who depend on ads to fund their content creation.

That means that the Coalition for Better Ads was created as one of the ways to persuade people not to use third-part ad blockers. But that's not all.

Google is also rolling out Funding Choices, allowing webmasters to send customized messages to their users and ask to turn off their ad blockers or pay a fee to enter. This feature, currently in Beta, is planned to be rolled out worldwide until the end of the year.

And that leaves us in a very uncertain position. On one hand, it is great that Google is making a stand for better ads. No one likes ads pushed down their throats. However, with Google and Facebook dominating the market, their way or the highway is not much of a choice. Who's to say that it will stop there?

Hopefully, as an affiliate marketer you already have diversified your money-making ways.

In any case, I urge you to check out the Better Ads Standards and make sure your ads comply. At the same time, take a long look at your revenue sources again and find ways you could be less dependent on Google.

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