Introducing BetBull: The Ultimate Social Sports Betting App

By Saulius Griskenas • May 05 2017 05 May 2017 6 min. read
Introducing BetBull: The Ultimate Social Sports Betting App

We are very happy to welcome our newest affiliate partner, BetBull to OAW. BetBull is a brand new social sports betting platform that has successfully built a community of hundreds of tipsters that your players can follow to help them win.

Not only is Betbull great for prospective betters, but OAW affiliates can sign up for their program and earn 20% revenue share on all wagers made by referrals!

Why Betbull is the Future of Sports Betting

The world of sports betting is as robust as it has ever been. There is, however, always room for innovation.

For example, it is often difficult to distinguish between a good and bad bet. For amateur sports betters, deciding whether they should bet on the favorite, the underdog, over or under, make a single bet or a combination is usually a challenging task that can result in loss of interest.

That’s where BetBull comes into play. Their revolutionary mobile sports betting network takes the guessing out by allowing your sports betting enthusiasts follow other users’ bets with. However, here it’s not only the amateurs that will feel welcomed.

Experienced betters get rewarded for every successful bet and every follower. Or as BetBull’s CEO Sadok Kohen puts it:

"Our app is all about creating a social and gamified betting experience. By focusing on mobile first, we are able to tailor our experience to the modern punter and create something that we think is truly unique."

How to Bet on Sports and Make Money with BetBull

As a professional sports better, you traditionally would need to do a lot of research to make sure that each of your bets is a profitable one.

You check performance statistics, scan the news for managerial changes or anything that can affect line-ups or even team morale. And on top of it all, you also have to be able to interpret that information correctly.

But most of the people don’t want to do all this hard work: they just want to bet and (hopefully) win.

With BetBull this is much easier to accomplish. Using their app your players can see every sports better, their current bets, previous bets, their winnings and followers. All the work that your customers have to do is pick someone who has a proven record of success and follow whatever they do.

Imagine if you had a personal line with Warren Buffet who would take you by the hand and show you his every investment. That’s essentially what your customers get at BetBull!

More BetBull features, Bigger winnings

The whole concept of social betting and the BetBull’s platform is fantastic. But it gets even better with BetBull’s exclusive features, not to mention the fact that everyone can get a free $20 bet when they make their first deposit.

The Features That Make Betbull a Groundbreaking Betting App

Below are just some of this betting applications unique features that contribute to the unique experience it delivers to its users.

Bet Center

Every wager your players make gives them access to a live chat of that event. Say hello, make new friends, get more insider tips or simply share your excitement.

Loyalty System

Beginner or expert, everyone gets rewarded. BetBull’s loyalty currency are called diamonds and can be earned in several ways: by logging in, placing bets or when your followers wager on your bet.

Spin Wheel

The diamonds your players earn lets them spin the wheel before an event and either boosts odds up to 30% or allows them to get insurance on that event.


This the place reserved for the best punters at BetBull, or ‘Bulls’. There are 3 leaderboards and 3 different time periods, the best of 7 days and best of 30 days. While Bulls get their own extra rewards, browsing through the leaderboard will help your referrals make successful bets without breaking a sweat.


Betbull’s newest feature allows players share their accumulator bets and get rewards for every successful one. Here’s how Kohen explained this feature:

"One of our newest features is Virality. It works by allowing users to share their accumulator with others and earn bonuses doing so.

Say you’ve got a four-fold acca that you’re very confident about. Share that with a bunch of your mates and when it comes through you’ll both get a free bet to use at a later date. The more users that follow your bet, the higher bonus you can earn.

In the vast world of sports betting, BetBull stands out with their unique approach. No confusion, everyone is welcome."

As an added bonus, BetBull’s affiliate program is brand new. You will be among the first affiliates to partner with BetBull. Beat other affiliates to the punch by signing up now and earning 20% revenue share!

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