Instagram Goes Shopping: So Should Affiliates Like You

November 04 2016 04 Nov 2016 3 min. read
Instagram Goes Shopping: So Should Affiliates Like You

It's easy to think of Instagram as just an interesting app if you're into seeing people's gym selfies or #lunchtime pictures. But there is so much undiscovered potential in the photo-sharing app, and a new feature is about to make it much easier for people to buy your products through Instagram. Here's how.

Instagram for Business

Instagram set up a business variant of its app for power-users a few months ago; this allows users to add a contact link and share Instagram photos with their Facebook page. It's an ideal way to get the word out about anything from new blog posts to a special promotion.

One of the best features of Instagram for Business was the inclusion of a "Contact" button; previously, the only way of writing privately to users was in Direct Messages, which usually remained unread for months on end. By offering a direct link to the account's linked email address, direct inquiries can be made easily.

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The Problem With Liking Photos

The problem with Instagram had been that, if you liked something in a photo, say a pair of sneakers or a chocolate cake, you'd press twice on the picture to "like" it, and then maybe be able to press on the tag and go to the corporate Instagram page for the manufacturer, but from there, there was no way to buy the product without opening a mobile browser and searching for the company.

Instagram thinks it's solved that problem. Coming very soon, companies on Instagram that want to market products can do so with special screens that show a closer view of the product, and then link users directly with the company's e-commerce pages so they can purchase the product. Companies like Kate Spade New York are piloting the feature at the moment, and reaction is said to be positive.

Kate Spade from Instagram for Business on Vimeo.

It's a simple, effective solution, and it keeps users within the Instagram app for longer, of course increasing the marketability of advertisers on there, too. Instagram is already a haven for great affiliate marketing, with everything that can be photographed, advertised.

With Facebook looking increasingly bloated and messy, and Twitter not being as good a visual medium and also having character restrictions, Instagram is quite possibly the best place to tell your affiliate story. The new shopping feature will make it even better.

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