How to Earn Big From Sports Events

By Saulius Griskenas • June 01 2017 01 Jun 2017 3 min. read
How to make Big Bucks During Mainstream Sports Events

So, what are you up to tomorrow?

I bet the majority of you, like millions of people around the world will tune it to watch the thrilling Champions League Final between Juventus and Real Madrid.

Events like this, or the Super Bowl, or Mayweather v. McGregor can earn you big profits.

There is only a handful of such events during the year, but being prepared can lead to you reaping huge rewards.

The only question is how, or rather, who?

Find New Players Easy

The truth is, professional sports bettors are fans of great odds, and as long as the odds are good, they don’t care if it’s a major football game or Sunday League match. That's why they don't get easily impressed by over-hyped events.

Millions of regular sports fans, that perhaps have participated in office pools or even wagered on sports once or twice themselves, are your ideal audience. For them wagering on sports doesn't feel like a job. On the contrary, they see betting on sports as a way to make the game a little bit more exciting.

Take Action:

Go to forums, social media, search for relevant hashtags and join the conversation. I promise you will find plenty of opportunities to plug your content and promote your affiliate brands.

Introduce New Brands

If you already have loyal readers coming to your website, you can introduce them to new brands.

As I mentioned in the introduction, you don't need to be focused on sports betting. New brands like social betting platform Betbull are perfect for recreational sports bettors and professional punters alike.

With BetBull your players can follow professionals and repeat every bet they make. They can also offer their tips on BetBull and gain rewards for bets their followers make.

Take Action:
Check out our BetBull introduction and review, and forward the great news to your readers.

Big Events Provide Massive Promotions

All brands want to cash in on these big sporting events like the Champions League Final, which is why simply checking out promotions and passing them on to your readers can result a nice revenue boost.

With NetBet your customers can win €350 via a 10-day lottery giveaway.

Vbet Sports has $170 prizepool for playing your fantasy team during the Champions League Final.

TonyBet offers €5 and 20 FREE Spins for 4 Weeks for placing a bet on the final.

... and the list goes on and on.

Take Action:

Browse through promotions, pick out the best ones for your audience and you'll see your profits soar this weekend!

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