Why the Holidays are Great for Affiliate Marketing

December 24 2015 24 Dec 2015 3 min. read
The holiday period is great for affiliate marketing

If you're part of an affiliate marketing program, you ought to be thinking about how you can get the maximum value out of your involvement in it over the festive period. Here are several simple tips to get you prepared for the Christmas and post-Christmas period, to make sure it brings success for you.

Keep Changing Your Promotions

Whatever the verticals you promote, Christmas and New Year are times when your users are more likely to be at home, in front of their computer, phone or tablet. Make sure you've supplied a steady supply of new, or specially-themed, games to keep everyone occupied; this is a time when users are going to want something new to play, and you can supply that.

For lotteries, there are always big special draws - push these, because the end of December is always the time when jackpots rise, as do player numbers. The same thing applies for poker and casino competitions.

Give Your Site a Festive Edge

Without going crazy, why not change your site's look a little, to reflect Christmas and New Year? Users will appreciate the attention to detail, and if it is linked with some cool links for them to click on, it might well earn you some extra revenue due to increased interest in what you are promoting. Even if it's just a new banner ad, it might pay off over the next week to ten days.

Take a Look At Festive Traditions

Although it might be difficult to promote some topics when your users are still letting their turkey and roast potatoes go down, there are things that fit the holiday season very well. As an example, the English Premier League always plays extra games between Christmas and New Year, which is the time when fans expect the most from teams. React to this, as a daily fantasy sports publisher, by hosting extra content and encouraging your users to pick more teams in the week's games. Poker sites holding special one-off tournaments are other great revenue sources.

Be Around for your Users

Finally, don't just post your articles and run. Make sure you provide a way for your users to reach out to you. It's often an expectation that people can take Christmas off, but in the world of affiliate marketing it's better to answer emails with queries, and to offer your users the support they need, especially if it's a new promotion that you are pushing. Take care of your users, and your users will take care of you.

Wishing everyone a pleasant holiday period!

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