5 Unbelievable Affiliate Marketing Tips from 2015

December 30 2015 30 Dec 2015 6 min. read
Affiliate marketing: what we learned in 2015

2015 was a year of many significant changes for affiliate marketing. We stayed abreast of them, to bring you the updates you needed in order to stay ahead of the competition. Here are the most important things we learned, and told you about, in 2015, to give you the affiliate revenue boost you need.

1. Search Engines Never Sleep

As a website publisher, you're in a constant dance with search engines to make sure your content is seen, and ranked highly, by the likes of Google and Bing. The important thing to remember is that you're not fighting search engines, you're trying to understand how they work. We've talked about Bing, and how you should take Microsoft's search engine seriously, but Google is still the main player in this market, and you need to have a site that will pass muster.

To that note, we previewed the possible changes in Google's Penguin algorithm, as the search giant upgrades it to make realtime judgements on sites, and alter itself accordingly. Penguin is now delayed until 2016, but you still ought to prepare for it by making your site as easily-navigable and filled with good-quality content as possible.

There are lots of ways of ensuring your website is SEO-optimized. We covered the five best SEO tools available to publishers, in our comprehensive review of the thoughts of specialists and bloggers.

2. Poker and Casino Joined by New Verticals

As Poker Affiliate World, this site became world-renowned for providing the best affiliate deals for online poker and casino or gaming. That's still true - and we notified you of a series of excellent promotions that poker and casino publishers should take advantage of, such as the recent launch of Family Guy's online casino slots game, and a whole host of constantly-improving poker offers that you can check out on our Promotional Calendar right now.

However, there are new ways to get rich. One of these is through the promotion of trading; TradingHD offers your visitors the opportunity to not only win money in a new way, but also to get smarter and more knowledgeable about how the world works. The site, set up by iBus Media and Lex van Dam, seeks to bring everyone the skills necessary to make killer trades on the international markets. The methods and techniques are there for anyone to use - and by promoting TradingHD's webinars, you get a great 25% share of the revenue.

It's not just trading, either - we've told you all about the reasons why lottery affiliate marketing is such a potentially-valuable vertical to join now. The world loves early-adopters, and you can be at the epicenter of the latest trend in affiliate marketing, while carving out a niche for your site.

3. Email: The Original and Best

If you care about your users, send them an email newsletter
If you care about your users, send them an email newsletter

When communicating with your users, it's important to do it in the right way. Too often, and you risk alienating them, but too little, and you might find your pageviews, and consequently your advertising revenue, declining. How can you solve this problem easily? Good old email. As we said several months back, email newsletters, and the simple act of telling your users what they're missing if they haven't visited your website recently, can be the old thing that gives your site a new lease of life.

Not everyone has Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn - but anyone with a computer or a mobile device has an email address. It's simply the best way of reaching out to people.

4. Try New Things: Spice Up Your Casino Marketing

Online casinos are simple things to promote, or so it seems. New games are released all the time, so it stands to reason that there will be a constant flow of potential new players. However, to make sure users click on your affiliate marketing links, and earn you the revenue you're looking for, you'll need to constantly adapt and change your marketing strategies.

We gave you 13 great ways you can make online casinos even tastier and more interesting for your players. Remember, change a little, and change often - it keeps people intrigued by what you have to offer.

5. Text is Not Enough

If your site is entirely text-based, you're missing a trick, as our article on podcasting explained. If you have a podcast, you have a new way to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject on which you publish, and to reach out to users who are on the move. You can't read an article about the latest daily fantasy sports promotion when you're walking through a city - but you can listen to it on your headphones. Podcasting also feels more personal, and gives you a new way to encourage people to use your affiliate programs.

It's not just podcasting either. Live video streaming apps including Periscope, Twitch and Facebook's own live-video feature give you a way of demonstrating the games and ideas you promote, in front of an eager audience. It's another way to innovate in affiliate marketing.

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