Tasty Brewery Affiliate program

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This is one of the few cost per lead affiliate programs we offer at Online Affiliate World. It is available only to marketers from Germany, as it is a German gambling site.

Apart from this, the only other requirement is to sign up on our platform and you will be able to apply for this affiliate partnership.

GEO's: DE.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to Diana via [email protected]

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About Tasty Brewery

Tasty Brewery Casino is a German-based online casino which operates only within this country and is focused on a domestic target audience. They are a completely legal gambling site verified by German authorities and they guarantee everything that they promise.

The gambling industry was always had various rotten apples, but the people at Tasty Brewery define themselves as service providers. They give entertainment to their visitors and guarantee all of their rights as consumers.

The Tasty Brewery Casino $2.5 CPL affiliate program is a very simplistic affiliate program which allows marketers to generate revenue solely based on the level of their performance. Your success depends on nobody else but yourself.

It is a cost per lead affiliate program, meaning that you will be paid by every new lead you are able to direct towards Tasty Brewery. When visitors land on their site, they will only have to insert their email address and you will get $2.5 for each signup, as simple as that.

A simple way to earn money

A lot of cost per lead affiliate programs have a catch that makes it difficult for affiliate marketers to achieve reasonable profits with the level of work they put in. With this affiliate program, however, you only have to convince your visitors to give their email address when they land on the Tasty Brewery website to earn money.

This is a very reasonable demand from the affiliate partners at Tasty Brewery and they offer good money for each new lead. You have no other conditions and your task is quite easy, making this program a hot prospect.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to Diana via [email protected]


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