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Social Media

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Social media is not just for fun and games – it's also a multi-billion dollar industry, and one that affiliate marketers cannot afford to ignore. Here are essential tips for launching and improving your social media presence.

How to do Affiliate Marketing on Social Media

13 min. read

Let's look at how to make money on social media with affiliate marketing, with a guide to how to use social channels to your advantage.

How to Get More Followers: 6 Social Media Tactics

7 min. read

Let's look at social media strategies to increase your follower numbers, whatever the platform you prefer to use.

How to Make Money on YouTube

12 min. read

If you want to know how to make money on YouTube, you should look to affiliate marketing, one of the fastest-growing forms of advertising.

5 Reasons Twitter is Amazing for Affiliates: Expert Explains

8 min. read

Twitter is a great way of marketing affiliate programs. To find out why, we speak to Gerald Murphy of Search Engine Watch, who explains how to use the social media channel.

5 Things You're Getting Wrong About Social Media

7 min. read

Social media can be a great marketing tool for affiliate marketing businesses, if used well. We look into five misconceptions, explaining why they're wrong and you should be pushing your business through Facebook, Twitter and other social channels.

Affiliate Programs for Bloggers: an Introduction

6 min. read

If you want to turn your interest into something a bit more professional, you ought to look at ways to make money from your blogging. One way is by taking on affiliate programs. We look at why to do this, but also how to go about it, and what kind...

The Best CPA Affiliate Marketing Programs for 2017

6 min. read

When it comes to CPA affiliate marketing, there are many different approaches available to you. As the best CPA affiliate network out there, we can help you make good money from online marketing. Let's look at a few of our standout programs.

3 Ways To Use Blogs to Supercharge Your Affiliate Earnings

5 min. read

Blogs can be great for affiliate programs. Allow us to show you how to use blog posts for supercharged affiliate marketing.

Instagram for Business Makes You an Affiliate Winner

6 min. read

Instagram announced that it would be launching a new option for business accounts. What is Instagram for Business and what will it mean for your affiliate marketing business? Let's take a look.

The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide for Affiliates

12 min. read

Social media marketing is an essential part of modern affiliate campaigns, and Facebook is one of the most popular channels thanks to its adaptability and incredible set of marketing tools.

How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers (The Easy Way)

10 min. read

You are not too late to the party. With the right tools and strategy you can still rock every niche and get all the free subscribers you need!

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