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Online Affiliate World

Online Affiliate World began in 2002 as Poker Affiliate World, the site that revolutionized the world of online poker by linking the world's leading operators with a global network of affiliates who could easily spread the word about their services. Because of being run by iBus Media, the group responsible for PokerNews, it was clear that PAW was the most trustworthy, reliable and profitable source of marketing revenue for publishers from the poker industry.

In October 2015, Online Affiliate World was launched. OAW builds on PAW's great standing, but also offers the best-paying affiliate marketing deals from a wide variety of verticals, including online casinos, sports, trading and lotteries. With a constantly-growing base of subscribers agreeing that OAW is a site that brings both fantastic financial returns and also the support to step up their marketing to the next level, the difference is clear between OAW and the competition.

Unlike competing affiliate networks, OAW doesn't just connect a publisher to marketing deals, it also educates new and experienced online entrepreneurs on how to make the most of the programs on offer. The Online Affiliate World Academy is the only one of its kind: a school for marketing that also brings big profits and big benefits to its users. With its nomination for an iGaming Award in 2016, it's clear that the experts agree that OAW is the world's most dynamic affiliate network!

Meet the OAW Team

Marius Kiniulis
Marius Kiniulis SEO Specialist

Every day I’m trying to figure out search engine algorithms. I love it! Extreme case of an early-bird. Might come in to work at 5am.

Marius Burinskas
Marius Burinskas Front-End Developer

I've been working with OAW since the start. I love every challenge that comes with the job. Just don’t ask what I do. Even my wife can’t explain.

Mantas Vilkickis
Mantas Vilkickis Designer

I love every part of my job, except loud colleagues before I drink my first coffee. Happy to debate design choices. Can be bribed with chocolate.

Marius Motiejunas
Marius Motiejunas Coder

Yes, it’s a nice day. No, I don’t have a few minutes. Yes, better write me an email.

Saulius Griskenas
Saulius Griskenas Content Writer

Loudmouth living in the woods. Lucky for my colleagues, I spend more time writing than talking. Never seen Star Wars because I found out who Luke’s father was. It was Bruce Willis, and he was a ghost.

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